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Donna Stephens works for Bayer Pharmaceuticals.
She has a COOL JOB as a State Government Affairs Manager or Lobbyist.

Her Gig:
“I travel three to four days a week to six different states and work in the state capitals. I seek out any elected or appointed state official that can influence the passing of laws pertaining to prescription drugs or health care in the United States.”

How She Got That Gig:
Stephens worked two years at a major clothing retailer as a sales manager and human resources. She then decided to go into sales and got a job at Bayer as a sales representative in the hospital division. She worked her way up to a regional trainer at the corporate office and a division sales manager in the field. “I went through a week of extensive psychological testing and passed, to become a lobbyist. I have been a lobbyist for three years now and with the company for 16 years.”

A Day in the Life:
Stephens works with elected officials on legislation that effects Bayer and the pharmaceutical industry. She meets regularly with the heads and members of the State Health Committees, Health Department officials, Mental Health Agencies, Medical Aid Departments, Diabetics Associations and any other grass roots organizations. She has reviewed over 150 medical bills in the last six months to determine if it affects her company and if their position is to support, oppose or remain neutral.

High Five:
“I love being a part of the democratic process and educating the people who make the laws in our country.”

Down Low:
“The frequent travel can be an upside and a downside in how it affects your personal life.”

Words from the Wise:
“You can go as far as you want to but it is 100 percent up to you. Take responsibility for your development and have a good attitude.”

University of Maine, BS Political Science

Paying the Bills:
Anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 per year depending on whether you work for a private or government organization. Some lobbyists own their own companies and are contracted by large organizations to do their lobbying. Some can make over $1 million a year!

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